President's Advisory Council on Minorities Mission Statement

Our Mission

The President's Advisory Council on Minorities will serve the university by providing the President and Provost with ongoing insight and action plans as they relate to underrepresented minorities and other diverse constituencies in the university community.

The Council will assess the university's policies, practices, and attitudes concerning minority students, staff, and faculty; define priorities; recommend changes; and celebrate and replicate best practices that both create a racially inclusive environment and foster the full development, professional advancement, and recognition of all people on campus.

As a standing Council with rotating membership, the Council will not only complement the activities of academic and administrative offices, as well as several committees that address diversity; the Council also aims to provide leadership, innovative solutions, and forward-looking initiatives.

The Council is to report its findings and recommendations to the President and the Provost who will make them available to the university community and consider how to implement them. It is expected that the Council's work will highlight the importance of diversity as a core value and define achievable goals for Case -- both of which are critical for achieving the university's vision of producing a campus environment that promotes harmony, inclusiveness, and equality.

Case Western Reserve University

Diversity is

about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.